About Us

Established in 1996, we are the only true Buying Group of student benefits in Canada. By combining the collective purchasing power of the organizations we serve, Gallivan seeks to provide your student population with the best combination of services and support at the best value. 

We consider ourselves to be innovation-focused and are confident in our track record of full-disclosure and transparency in all of our dealings. 

We work with over 30 student organizations across Canada and have over 20 years of experience in the student insurance market. As the largest budget item for the majority of student organizations, it is essential you are receiving the best value for your membership. Please find below a list of the products, programs, and services we offer the student market.


  • Student Health and Dental Plans

  • myWellness: Student Mental Health

  • International Student Plans

  • Student Organization Staff Plans

Insurance Savings Programs

  • Multiple Insurer Relationships

  • Buying Group

  • Savings Networks

  • RX Net


  • Annual Training for On-Site Delivery

  • Coaching & Professional Development for Student Leaders

  • Client Advisory Council (CAC)

  • Leaders Hall Conference

If you would like more information, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss our value proposition; prominently your health and dental plan, myWellness or any of the services we offer. We would be happy to provide referrals from our current clients who can speak first hand to the excellent job that we do serving their members’ needs.