What is mywellness?

mywellness is the only e-Mental Health program that moves students from awareness to action.

Why was mywellness developed?

Gallivan: Student Health & Wellness was approached by our clients in 2013 and asked to develop a tool that would support students who may be experiencing a mental health problem. It was from this request that mywellness was born. We spent the next year perfecting the mywellness tool so that it would allow students to have immediate access to information and resources that would help them take control of their own mental health.  The information and tools available through mywellness have been developed to assist students in increasing and/or sustaining optimal health, so they can maintain a productive and positive lifestyle while completing their studies.

What makes mywellness different from other mental health programs?

mywellness was specifically developed with the Canadian post-secondary student in mind and focuses on the full cycle of support including awareness, education, and care.

  • Awareness:  Information events and on-campus marketing campaigns

  • Education:  Toolbox, Online Mental Health Assessment, Personal Action Plan

  • Care:  Online counselling and referrals to resources both on campus and in the community

How can mywellness benefit my school?

Every school we work with is unique.  Our expertise and willingness to develop the best program specifically for your organization has produced the following outcomes throughout Canada.

  • Reduces student wait times to see counsellors

  • Early self-identification and early intervention of mental health concerns

  • Increases mental health awareness

  • Reduces mental health stigma on campus

  • Improves mental health literacy

  • Provides collaborative care

  • Personalized Action Plan connecting students to evidence-based, self-guided resources

  • Customization and integration of resources

  • Tailored metrics and reporting

  • Development Plan specifically designed for your school to engage students and staff

How does online counselling work?

With the newest addition to the mywellness program, students can now access mental health professionals through secure and confidential online counselling with the highest level of security and encryption available today.  This option is affordable and extremely easy to use.  Students will be matched with counsellors most suited to their needs.  The student’s mental health assessment can seamlessly link to their counselling notes as well, to enhance match and care.

All care providers have been medically vetted and are insurable on the student’s health and dental plan.  To remove financial barriers students can select a private, 30 minute session for $37.50, or a group session for $20.00.  The first visit with a provider is free to further reduce barriers to care.

The addition of online counselling allows mywellness to lead students from awareness to care. When they want it, where they want it.

Where can I get more information about mywellness?

We have a fully dedicated staff located across the country that can assist you in achieving your goals in supporting your students in obtaining optimal mental health. 

Najam Ul-Saqib, Benefits Service Manager

P: 647.779.7000

Join us in the fight against the mental health stigma on campus!