We offer a range of onsite service support offerings  for our partners to help then in serving their student in all areas related to their Health and Dental plans and to work in collaboration with all the various stakeholders at the institution that are involved in the operations of the student benefit program.

Student Services

  • On-Site Benefits Plan Office
  • Information Kiosk
  • Call Centre
  • Live Chat
  • Mental Health Support (myWellness)
  • Online Counselling (myWellness)
  • Student Organization Branding
  • Service Staff Training
  • Client Specific Awareness Plans
  • 1-Time Opt-Out
  • Continuous Enrolment
  • No Qualifying (Waiting Period) for Returning Students
  • Student Surveys
  • Bulk Purchasing Options
  • Benefits Savings Programs for Prescription Drugs
  • Direct Deposit of Opt-Out Cheques
  • Select Savings Networks for Care Providers (dentist, chiropractor etc.)


  • AODA Accessible Online Opt-Out
  • Mobile Claims App
  • Online, Downloadable Drug Card
  • Client Branded Drug Card
  • e-Claims / Mobile Claims
  • Prescription Drug Search

Types of Insurance

  • Student Choice Health and Dental Plans
  • International Student Insurance
  • Flex Benefits
  • Tuition Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • AD&D
  • Graduating Coverage (follow me)
  • Repatriation as Stand Alone
  • Travel Coverage

Student Services

Our primary focus in everything we do is serving the individual students’ needs. Student service excellence begins by providing students with the ability to interact with us in any way. We recognize that students may use any combination of means of communication and have endeavoured to provide the highest degree of care and dedication to students.

  • On-site User Services 
  • Sustainable Communication
  • Telephone Call Centre
  • Web-chat Support
  • Web-based services
  • Wellness Tutorials & Resources

Client Services

The student organizations we serve rely on us to provide innovative solutions and service directly to their members and to provide services, information, and counsel to the organization decision makers. With our clients' needs in mind, we consistently review existing approaches and add new capabilities each year.

  • Buying-Group Strategies
  • Comprehensive Analysis & Reporting
  • Client Driven Renewals
  • Education
  • Enrolment Management Protocols
  • Marketing Integration 
  • Student Service Solutions
  • Registrar Information Systems Solutions
  • Sustaining & Understandable Pricing Solutions