Training & Support

Student Service Coordinator Training

We conduct an annual Benefits Plan training conference for our team of Student Service Coordinator and Benefits Plan Partnership/Client Service partners. The conference is a three day intensive training program which includes sessions on health and dental benefits, claims processing and investigations, mental health, coordination of benefits, family plans, website, e-commerce capabilities, mobile apps, social media and plan awareness initiatives, privacy laws and acceptable operating policies. It also includes training on dealing with challenging situations and working effectively with various stakeholders at the institution in the operation of the plan. It provides to the participants the necessary tools to help them excel in their roles at the offices in serving students, the student organization, and the institution.

Executive Transitional Workshop

This event provides an overview of all aspects of the program, including how the insurance industry operates, the role of Gallivan, the role of your student organization, and of course, the student experience. It creates a foundation for understanding the nuances of insurance, the plans and student service. The knowledge achieved is built on through other events, like the renewal, and allows members of the health and dental committee to provide informed feedback throughout the year.

We believe having informed and knowledgeable leaders is a great way to stay current in addressing the needs of your members. The ETW that we held this past spring prompted discussion and ideas that were worked on throughout the summer, implementing many of the positive changes that are now in place. The foundation of knowledge provided by the ETW aided thoughtful consideration of the current plan finances, history, student feedback, goals and new innovations.